Award presentation ceremony. January 8, 2017, Sunday, TCA

Award presentation ceremony. January 8, 2017, Sunday, TCA


The day started with a colorful reception to the Founder Ghulam Suhrawardi and the Chairman of TCA Rear Admiral (retd.) A. Taher. All students of TCA were lined up to receive these two gentlemen showering them with flower petals. The Principal, the Teachers and the staff greeted them warmly. The students then lined up in the sports field in class formations with a leader of the class standing at the front.


The event started with short speeches by the Founder and Chairman of TCA Board of Trustee Mr. Ghulam M. Suhrawardi, President-CEO of NMCI Group, USA, and the Chairman of TCA Governing Body Rear Admiral Abu Taher, ndu, psc (Retd.), newly elected Chairman of Comilla Zilla Parishad, The principal of TCA Prof. Md. Ismail Topader, Vice Principal Mohammad Nazrul Islam. The faculty members, Administrative Officer, Adjutant, office staff, students, guests, and journalists were also present in this event.


The national anthem was sung live, Bangladesh and TCA flags were hoisted by the Founder and the Chairman, and the event was called into session. The Parade Commander Saikat Debnath, a student of grade 10, requested permission to march past. After granting of the permission, each class marched one by one, past the podium and saluted the Founder, the Chairman, and the Principal. Later settling in their class formations after the marching ceremony, the Founder, the Chairman and the Principal, reviewed the students while standing in attention.


The field events concluded after 100-meter sprints by the students, teachers followed by pillow games by girls and the wives of the staff.

The prize giving events started by a few live songs by students in the auditorium. Prizes were awarded for the field events held earlier and also for winners of various sports activities held over the year. As a concluding part of the event, the Founder thanked the teachers and the staff in preparing the boys and girls to become model citizens of Bangladesh; not only in education but also in physical sports and cultural activities. He stressed the importance of physical and mental well-being of a person as he/she is growing up. Getting a good score in education is great but proper mental and physical growth makes it an essential ingredient to success. The Chairman and the Principal reiterated the importance of all- round activities by young persons to reach a balanced and productive adulthood.  In this development phase, the role of the faculty, the staff and the parents are crucial.

After the adjournment of the sessions, lunch was served.